Gavere Belgium

This shot was taken on one of my best days as a cycling fan. I am not sure who the cyclist is in the shot but Sven Nys won his 13th straight Superprestige race in stunning fashion.

Driggs, ID

I imagine Wendy snapped this shot right in front of the consignment store in Driggs. Wendy is always the one with the camera.

Camping in Missouri

Moab, UT

Behind the Rocks Trail


Dirty Kanza Elevation Profile


The beginning of a good ride



This is my buddy Sid on our most awesome cold windy rainy ride from DC to Pittsburg.


Sculpin Rules The Sea

From one Submariner to another… Cheers


Time for a change…

As of Friday I am unemployed.  Not unemployed like so many but unemployed on my way to my next opportunity.   I start with Battelle Memorial Institute on 1 March.  I am both happy and sad… my run at the Idaho National Lab has been great.  I have met a lot of good friends, I have done some amazing work, and it is with a little trepidation that I head on over to Battelle.

The next couple weeks will be chaotic to say the least.  I have a ton of projects around the house that need my tending before we put it on the market..  I plan on leaving for Columbus Ohio this coming Friday.  I am pretty sure when it is me and nothing but road ahead of me the excitement of the new opportunity will set in.

Wish me luck.

The Dudes are Chillaxing

Ollie is the dude. A lot like Jeff Bridges but with black hair and a crooked underbite. He is seen here sporting boxers and a belly in prep for some vintage Harry Potter on the iPad.


After all these years…. I am still in love

today was a busy day…. between running around doing kid stuff and wife stuff I was able to resurrect my 1993 Bridgestone X01.  A few years ago it got scavenged for parts… I am not very good a keeping all my bike together working in perfect harmony and the Bridgestone has payed the price in recent years.  Today with a quick trip to the Local Bike Shop… and a few dollars later I was able to get it back on the road.

Currently it is set up to be a single speed rugged urban commuter.  It has a nice pair of Conti Town and Country 26 x 2.1 tires, a 40 x 16 gear ratio, a new pair of Wellgo platform pedals, and a nice planet bike clip on fender.

I love all my bikes… but I love this one something special.  I have ridden this bike off and one since 1993. At times  it has served as my primary mountain bike,  I have toured the mountain roads and trails  of Ecuador on it, I have loaned other bikes to friends knowing I have the X01 to fill the gap.   I can honestly say I am more fond of this bike today than the day I got it.

Welcome back X01!

90% of anything you need...

Grand Targhee

Grand Targhee is severely suffering from lack of snow this year. We are easily 100 inches of powder off pace but that didn’t prevent a fun day on the slopes with Owen.

Lovely Lady


I love that green lady with the star tiara. Things have been slow lately. Her black nector is all that keeps my eye lids open as I dream of my next bicycle.

A few years ago I started this blog to maintain some sense of self when in grad school. The blog had its heyday of bike related posts during those years. Following grad school it suffered as I got distracted with work and life in general.

Alas I have made a comittment to resurect my dedication to this little peice of real real estate on the interweb. A couple things motivated me to do so. First, I just got an email indicating I have renewed the domain name for another year. Second, the wordpress tools have matured quite a bit in the last couple years which will make posting easier. Finally, we are about to relocate to an urban bike friendly place that needs to be documented in the register of computer cyclist.

So, as I sip my morning-noon-night caffiene and scour the web for a full-on urban commuting machine I will be sure to post my findings.

Sheep Creek Teton Canyon